MEP Irena Joveva had a conversation with Macedonian TV journalist for TV24 on 6. April 2020. The central theme was the European Union’s assistance to the Western Balkan countries.


In the introduction, the MEP stressed she has always been critical of the Union lateness in dealing with crises, such as financial or migration. “But this crisis now is completely different. Something that no one was prepared for. So, it makes sense that every head of states first thought was the protection of their own citizens,” Joveva said. At the same time, she added that “if anyone thinks that one country alone can fight or overcome something like this, it is a pure delusion; no matter the size or – if you like – the power of the individual countries”.


Solidarity is crucial, which is why the Union also helps other non-member countries, including the Western Balkans. Thus, the European Commission has already announced 38 million EUR in immediate aid to the region for healthcare equipment. For the country’s economic recovery, however, it will redeploy another 374 million EUR under the Unions budget.


Without cooperation, at all levels, we will not be successful in this fight,” said Joveva, who also discussed the current situation and the measures taken in Slovenia. She concluded by saying that the most we can do, we can do it ourselves by following the directions of the professionals.


You can watch the full conversation in Macedonian in the video below:

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