EU integration and enlargement

Further EU integration and enlargement to the Western Balkans is necessitated. I am actively acting as the First Vice-President of the Delegation the EU-North Macedonia Joint Parliamentary Committee. The Joint Parliamentary Committee takes into account all aspects of relations between the EU and the Republic of North Macedonia, particularly the implementation of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement, attempting to contribute to a better political atmosphere in the country and speeding up the process on accession to the EU. In addition to the work in my regular parliamentary obligations, I formed an informal group called Friends of North Macedonia for which I regularly organise meetings and events with various political representatives, journalists and the interested public. The friendly group aims to bring North Macedonia closer to the European Union, improving relations between the two governmental entities and integration of the entire region in the EU’s sphere of interest. Moreover, I joined the emerging enlargement intergroup – an excellent platform for various delegations helping us understand the situations in their countries with insight into governments, businesses, NGOs and other relevant stakeholders in the region. This intergroup will seek to increase the role of the European Parliament in assisting the Western Balkan countries in their pathway towards the EU.