At the December plenary session in Strasbourg, Slovenian Prime Minister Robert Golob addressed the European Parliament in the latest “This is Europe” debate. He called on the EU institutions to take more decisive action on energy, a sentiment echoed by MEP Irena Joveva in her speech.

Plenary hall during the address by Prime Minister Golob.

Among other things, the MEP emphasised the need for institutional reforms by opening up the basic treaties, abolishing unanimity, democratising processes and creating a genuine European public discourse.

She added that, despite the efforts and achievements made, she would welcome a higher level of ambition at the European Union level:

”I would also like to see unity in our common responses to mitigate this crisis and in setting up a common framework for the necessary investments for a green Europe that is energy-independent from all authoritarian states.”

According to Joveva, the European Union is losing much-needed credibility, both because of Member States taking advantage of the veto in the Council, which leads to unacceptable compromises, and because of blatant systemic corruption in the Member States, and above all at the level of individuals, including in the European Parliament, which she condemns in the strongest terms.

She concluded by saying that substantive debates with leaders, such as this one, are genuinely important for the future of Europeans.

MEPs Irena Joveva and Klemen Grošelj with Slovenian Prime Minister Robert Golob on the occasion of his address to the European Parliament.

About This is Europe debates:

This is Europe is a series of plenary debates with the heads of state and government of the European Union Member States during the plenary sessions of the European Parliament. During these debates, EU leaders share their views on the current state of the EU and solutions to the challenges facing Europe.

You can watch the full speech by clicking here.

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