In today’s plenary address on the topic of continued controls at the internal borders of the Schengen area, MEP Irena Joveva, in the light of the recent judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union, stressed that the border controls in the Schengen area that are not based on legitimate reasons are unacceptable. They prevent the free movement of people and impede the commuting of cross-border workers. The free movement of people is a cornerstone of the European Union and, as such, of vital importance to Europeans. Preventing it can sow the seeds of mistrust between Member States and create discord among them. Since the reasons for the current internal border controls are far-fetched, the European Commission should present an official opinion, thereby protecting the Union’s interest, and the Member States should reach an agreement on the matter. That is possible. In this respect, borders exist only in the mind, she added.

You can watch the full speech by clicking here.

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