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During the recent visit of Stéphane Séjourné, president of the Renew Europe political group, who came to Ljubljana at the invitation of MEPs Irena Joveva, Klemen Grošelj and the LMŠ party, most of the attention was directed at the current political situation and the upcoming elections, both in Slovenia and in some other European countries.

Stephane Séjourné is concerned about what is happening in Slovenia and in Europe, and Irena Joveva agrees with him. The methods, positions and actions of the 19th century have no place in 2022. “The future cannot be someone who is stuck in the past. In days gone by. The future cannot be someone who sees everything and everyone as enemies. If there are none, they will make some (up), because they simply cannot function otherwise. The future is nations freely choosing their own destiny, and no, I am not just talking about the people of Ukraine,” she said.

She expects the European Union to be united, to stick to values such as democracy, the rule of law, a free and critical media and, of course, peace.

“No one is eternal. Truth be told, I wouldn’t mind if the Russian president, who has ruled for 20 years and is even bombing civilians, were swept away by a democratic wave,” said Joveva on a critical note.

Marjan Šarec also believes that politics that glorifies the past, stirs up hatred and deepens differences is dangerous:

“Extremism should always be feared. It never solves anything. It offers seemingly quick and effective solutions, but once all that collapses, it is the moderates who have to save a country, humanity and the economy. That is why we need to say ‘no’ to the politics of extremism and enter the 21st century. Who cares in their daily lives what anyone did in 1945, 1960 or 1998? We need to move on.”

You can also read the text in the Gorenjski Glas newspaper on this LINK.

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