On Friday, September 24, 2021, MEP Irena Joveva attended the event “Common History Unites Us for the Future” as a remote guest speaker. On the International Day of Peace, a traditional gathering of young people with MEPs was organised at the Monument of Peace in Cerje. Joveva also let young people know that they embody the essence of the European Union.

To mark the Day of Peace and Slovenia’s 30th anniversary of independence, the grammar schools II. Gimnazija Maribor and Gimnazija Nova Gorica, which took part in the Ambassador School of the European Parliament (EPAS) programme in the previous school year, jointly organized the traditional gathering of young people with MEPs. As part of the celebration, teachers/mentors and students of the Gimnazija Nova Gorica grammar school also received a portable trophy and the title of Best Ambassador School of the EPAS programme.

MEP Joveva attended the event virtually. In her speech, she emphasized how pleased she was that the students were promoters of the Border project and that they were actively demonstrating how to break down any borders: “Through tolerance, acceptance of differences and coexistence along the state border you are proving that the border is a permeable membrane. By doing so, you are breaking down many boundaries in your mindset and you embody the essence of the European Union.” The MEP believes that young people are the main protagonists of the future and the drivers of change.

“According to Ursula von der Leyen, European Commission President, next year will be the Year of European Youth,” said the MEP, noting that young people were at the forefront of the Commission President’s recent speech. MEP Joveva congratulated the young people on winning the EPAS programme and wished them curiosity, fearlessness, and success in the new year of the Ambassador School Programme.

Along with MEP Irena Joveva, MEPs Ljudmila Novak, Milan Brglez, Klemen Grošelj and former MEP Lojze Peterle attended the conversation with young people, planted a tree of peace on the sidelines of the celebration, and listened to a short cultural programme.

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