At the march plenary meeting MEPs discussed the outbreak of a new fast-spreading coronavirus (COVID-19) across Europe and the world, as well as the European Union’s response to it.

A number of MEPs during the debate on coronavirus have pointed out that solidarity and co-operation are crucial in Europe in the context of the coronavirus epidemic, which has spread to all EU Member States.  Parliament has also heard some criticism at the expense of some countries and the European Union’s actions to date.

Irena Joveva pointed out that in a serious epidemic situation we do not need to panic, we must not be indifferent and we should not trust self-proclaimed experts.

Madam President! I am not going to say purely politically what we all have to do, because at this moment it seems more important for me to say what is wrong and what is superfluous. In my opinion, these are three different groups.

First: all panics are wrong and redundant. The new coronavirus is not the end of the world unless human stupidity prevails. I emphasize: if. Second: all indifference is wrong and redundant. Wouldn’t you still be indifferent if one of your parents or grandparents became infected?. I’m young. I would probably get over the virus, but what if I passed it on to someone who wouldn’t. That’s the point. It’s about responsibility. And third: self-proclaimed professionals are most wrong and redundant. All of a sudden everyone knows everything. In my opinion, self-isolation is necessary for these people as well, but from social networks in the first place.

The situation is absolutely serious, but who am I to condemn the measures. Are they too strict, too soft, too late? I do not know, but I know that I am responsible and I trust the profession. The real one.



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